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We support customers with a wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions since 2001.

Check our vast experience, skills, software developers and testers.

About Us

In 2001, Figaro Software was founded as a software development company (LTD). We offered sophisticated systems designed to assist large businesses improve their innovation processes. We encountered numerous complex projects over the years, and our teams have successfully satisfied every single customer. You, as the client, will retain full control over every single aspect and stage of any project, due to our highly customer-oriented communications system.

Cooperation models

Software outsourcing services should be delivered with regards to what you, as a customer, are expecting. We encourage you to discover more information about the solutions we are providing, to make sure our team is just what you have been looking for all this time.

Fixed cost

Full cycle product development. We will design and develop software tailored to your specific demands, in such a way that ultimately meets all your business goals, expectations, and requirements.

Time & Material

No strict time limitations. Therefore there is no single, accurate deadline for stating all work is to be done. We can create additional features or applications for your product which require may certain development skills – for example, a mobile version, integration platform and more.

Team Augmentation

We provide an on-demand flexible team, or individual developers complementing your project with pivotal technology skills. Our experienced consultants will guide you through the entire journey of crucial software development decisions, destined to find the best solutions for your business.

Strong industry knowledge

Empowering multiple industries throughout the decades, we have developed the art of tailoring software products that help better match business needs with the end-customer demand. Check out our hallmark projects in outsourced software development:

  • Insurance, finance, automotive production and retail
  • Cloud services (public and private clouds)
  • Startups with SaaS models (Java, .Net, PHP)
  • Enterprise Software Integration (SOA & ESB - Oracle Suite, IBM - Sterling B2B Integrator)
  • Large-scale projects and projects with complex architectures
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Lines Coded

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Years in the Market


No. of Large Projects


Corporate Clients

100 %

Successful Implementations

89 %

Active Customers giving Repeat Business

60 %

Revenue from Repeat Business


Startups Co-funded


Software Integration



We Are Good In

We will help you reduce uncertainty throughout the entire product life cycle.

Established processes

We use various software development methodologies to work efficiently within both well-defined and vague project scopes.


Over 50% of our developers are Senior Level and Leads.


Our size enables a short ramp-up time of 2-4 weeks and easy scaling up and down, in line with your project needs.

Professional-Looking UI

Your software product will look equally modern and slick across all browsers and screens.

Elaborate Architecture

Ruling out performance problems and creating a stable foundation for future updates as your business grows.

High-Quality Programming

We do not achieve a shorter time-to-market by compromising software quality – we achieve it by way of professionalism.

NDA and Legal Support of Our Clients

We are also happy to assist with every legal aspect as well. We will ensure your project launch has all the legal issues covered.

QA and QC Automation Services

Complex systems require automation for better results delivery and less time and resources investments.

Outsourcing Starts From Any Stage

We can develop projects from scratch and we can also jump in at any particular stage you feel comfortable with.


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Our Location

Figaro Software Sp. z o.o.
Malborska 16c lok. 37
03-286 Warszawa (Warsaw)

Registration numbers

  • VAT ID: 524-23-81-942
  • REGON: 017204583
  • KRS: 0000005863